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UpRising is a strategic partnership with NSW Government, the Institute of Technology Education (iTE) and our major partners.

The key objective of UpRising is to identify and celebrate design-led young design & technology students and provide them with a clear pathway to develop their skills and concepts during their HSC year and beyond. 

The UpRising initiative brings together design students from all education sectors in NSW and creates collaborations between business and industry, government, research and education and community to cover everything from the design of everyday products we use, the services we interact with and the places and spaces we occupy.  

UpRising inspires and elevates our young design talent to help nurture Australia's innovation ecosystem.

2022 Registration



NSW Schools are now invited to participate in the UpRising Pathway and register their Stage 6 Design & Technology students undertaking their Major Design Project (MDP).


Teachers discuss the UpRising Pathway with your students and seek their interest for participation. 


A maximum of 3 students per school.


Teachers and students then complete registration via the iTE portal.


Once registration is completed, students post their MDP idea in the UpRising category on the IdeaSpies sharing platform. 

Posts will go live on the 21st March 2022

How to Post my MDP Idea?​


Quick and easy - students use the guidelines for How to Post on IdeaSpies for maximum professional impact and engagement from business and industry. 


Once your post is up and running you can also push it out to social media using the share icons under your post to engage with business and industry and gain even more useful comments and offers of mentor support.












The Benefits


Joining the 2022 UpRising Pathway is very simple. ​There is no extra work for the student or teacher.

  • Students need to develop their MDP by getting community feedback, why not reach lots of interesting businesses and organisations by posting your MDP idea on the IdeaSpies sharing platform to connect with business and industry.  

  • The Uprising pathway provides an authentic experiences for students on their design  journey, receiving recognition and industry support during their HSC year.


  • This support is organic and delivered in an open forum, making it easier for all students to develop their projects.

  • Business and industry can connect with students and target their support focusing on particular projects that best matches the skills and experiences that they see are most important and help develop their talent pipe lines.

  • It allows business and industry the opportunity to shape education and develop the future workforce.

UpRising Awards


Outstanding projects will be recognized at the UpRising Awards Event in November 2022. See last year's winners click here

Award winners will be announced at the end of year event and receive seed funding & further mentoring opportunities and more. 



Award Winners will join the UpRising Alumni and be invited to participate in the Jury Panel for the 2022 UpRising Awards.

A collaboration between all stakeholders that continues the development and empowerment of innovative, mindsets beyond the classroom, for the betterment of Australia.

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