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Check out the huge range companies that you can purchase amazing Circle & regenerative raw materials from. 

One of the main goals of UpRising is that it helps to build the Talent & Material Feedback Loop.


Imagine a circle that develops student talent and encourages careers in the businesses that regenerate Australia that helps grow student projects.


A pathway that easily connects design students to Circle material supply chains, helping them develop their major projects whilst building these businesses and the micro-economies around both of them.

If you are interested in following your passion for Design that does 'Good' and helps stop Australia turning to trash, then think about taking your creative design skills and start collaborating with one of these companies. 

If you are a Circle business, then contact us and let's help you connect young design talent to your line of work. 

Circular Material Library


Unlock a world of sustainable design possibilities with the Circular Material Library.

Login to access the free resource and discover the latest and greatest in circular materials.


Find it here at Circle Design Co.

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Who is ready for more inspiration?


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