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2023 UpRising 

Terms & Conditions 


To be eligible to participate in the UpRising and receive an UpRising Award, students, teachers and parents must agree to these terms and conditions, must post their design idea and observe the following conditions:

1. Teachers must register their 3 Stage 6 (Years 11-12) UpRising Design students via the Institute of Technology Education (iTE), Reserve My Student a Place, before their students post their idea and start receiving support and possible mentorship. 


1.1 Only those students with completed the registration process are able to post their ideas. Students who have completed the registration process and posted their Design idea will be eligible to receive an UpRising Young Designer Award at the end of the year. 


1.2 Students, parents/guardians and teachers must complete the registration by signing the terms and conditions and submitting here. Once documentation has been received by iTE, a confirmation email will be sent to the teacher. Students must receive this email before they can post their MDP idea. 


1.3 Student names and teachers email address will be stored on iTE database for the duration of the students participation. The Founders of UpRising, The Jury Panel and Third parties can not access this information. iTE will delete all student data at the end of the year and also act as governance for the purposes of determining potential conflict of interest regarding the UpRising Awards.

2. Students post their design idea using the guidelines on How to Post. If these guidelines are not followed the post may be deleted by the IdeaSpies administrator. Students can use this template to help them write up their POSTS

3. Students must NOT use their full name when creating their username. This is for student privacy and safety.


3.1 Students MUST use only their school email address when registering.


3.2 A student’s FULL NAME and school name MUST NOT appear anywhere in the student’s post. They can create a user name using their first name. The only detail that needs to be included on the post is the name of the project and an outline of what it is about in 100 words or less.  


3.3 Students need to indicate in their post what support they are seeking. For example (i) To help my project reach its full potential, I need elderly people to complete my survey, please pass this survey link onto anyone you know that is over  80 years of age...thank you. (ii) I need to connect with an engineer in the renewable energy sector that works in the installation of solar panels. Please share my post with anyone you know who works in this industry. Thank you. 


3.4 It is the responsibility of the student to maintain their post, update regularly and respond to feedback and comments they receive.  Students should check their posts every few days, reply back to comments acknowledging these contributions and the feedback they have received.


3.5 All posts need to be written in a professional manner and in keeping with the culture and style guide of the IdeaSpies platform.

4. Entries must be the student’s own work. It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that the idea being posted is the work of the identified student. Students may receive support, however, all support and inspiration must be clearly stated in an Acknowledgements List in their MDP portfolios. Students need to be very mindful of plagiarism issues and therefore acknowledge any and all sources of influence and support, according to NESA guidelines.

5. Any correspondence between students and third parties is the responsibility of the students’ parents or guardian and the students' class teacher. It is recommended that any connections to business or industry occurs only within the students Post page.  Any email correspondence NEEDS to be managed by the class teacher and parents. Email correspondence should be approved by the School Principal. 


5.1 Professional standards must be maintained when communicating with third parties and all correspondence must be constantly monitored by parents / guardians and teachers (as is the standard practice and expectation in the senior design classroom setting). 

6. UpRising Founders, Jury Panel and Supporters must not judge any project or participate in any decision where they have a conflict of interest. Sources of conflict can include: (i) A family member or other close personal relationship eg. living in the same household, child of a close friend (ii) A teacher/student relationship (including a student at the same school, but different class) (iii) A mentoring relationship (iv) A personal or business relationship with a sponsor (v) Previous exposure to the entry (eg. at a school or other presentation) that will form part of the material that Jury Panel will use to nominate the UpRising Awards.   

7. If a student’s prototyping or testing involves interaction with human subjects (e.g. measuring human activity, in-depth questionnaires, surveys), approval to publish must be given by the individuals involved. Students must provide evidence of the written consent of each subject and their parents or guardians (if the subject is less than 18 years old) in their portfolios. Care must be taken to ensure the anonymity of each subject in all submitted documentation. 


8. Projects involving animals must meet animal welfare guidelines for NSW.

9. All participating UpRising design entries will be eligible for JUDGING and awards. Winners will be announced during the year. 

9.1 UpRising Awards & Seed Funding

Three projects will be will awarded SEED FUNDING during year. This funding is to go towards the further development of their MDP project.  Three students projects will be awarded seed funding based on criteria that will be communicated as the year unfolds


9.2 Three students will also be crowned UpRising Young Designer of the Year as voted by the Alliance Members.  Each year we create opportunities to further develop design students skills and their projects. UpRising reserves the right to change these award prizes each year depending on industry support. Awards Prizes will be confirmed and communicated out during April each year.  

10. UpRising Awards Funds will be EFT to the winner’s account via iTE payment methods. 

11. All Award Winners are asked to participate in the Jury Panel of the UpRising Awards for the following year.

To be part of the UpRising 

Please read and sign the Consent Form located in iTE UpRising Events page to register your students. 

To download a copy of the Terms & Conditions


Scan and upload the completed forms to iTE UpRising registration page

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