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UpRising is a strategic partnership with Government, design & technology teachers associations, Good Design Australia and our major partners.

The key objective of UpRising is to encourage and accelerate young entrepreneurial design students and provide them with a safe platform to develop their skills & concepts during their final years of schooling and beyond. 

The UpRising initiative brings together students from all education sectors offering collaborations between business & industry, government, research, tertiary education and community to cover everything from the design of everyday products we use, the services we interact with and the places and spaces we occupy.  

Now in it's third year, UpRising has a proven track record of inspiring and elevating our young design talent to help nurture Australia's innovation ecosystem.

Three Pillars UpRising

Inclusivity - Great Design from Young Designers Anywhere. 

By supporting a generation of critical thinkers, UpRising transcends the boundaries of the various educational sectors. Providing gender-blind and program-agnostic support for high school students creating solutions to environmental or social problems. Whoever you are, wherever you are, we want to help take you and your ideas further. We welcome businesses who are seeking to better prepare future talent and grow their industry, so if these ideas match your interests and culture, this is the place for you.

Advocacy - Supporting the Ecosystem of Innovation.

In order to grow Australia's innovation ecosystem we must nurture its grassroots. UpRising accelerates young entrepreneurial designers by connecting them directly to industry, community and business via an open and safe platform. Our goal is to highlight student talent in order to open career pathways and promote the importance of teaching design and creativity. We are geared to removing the silos working with anyone who is at the forefront of transforming Australia. We do this by creating autonomous connections with business and community leaders who are dedicated to reopening imagination, following creativity, and seeking out collaboration.

Planet Focused

Our commitment to supporting Green industries and the Circle economy is non-negotiable. In this way, we help students connect with circle material supply chains, renewable energy innovations, and communities of practice that are engaged in regeneration and systems thinking.

How it works

1. At the beginning of each year, teachers register three students from their senior design & technology class. 

2. The first 50 design students to be registered create an online post of their major project, stating the problem they are addressing and the help they need. 

3. At the beginning of February these posts go LIVE (see last years projects), instantly attracting likes, feedback, offers of assistance, mentorship, technical assistance and or help with supplies of materials.​ Students respond to comments and feedback to maintain these connections and practice their network building skills.

4. In March, three students receive $200 - 300 worth of Seed Funding through a People's Choice mechanism. Funds provided by the Institute of Technology Education association,  iTE

5. At the end of June all of the projects are voted on by the UpRising Alliance group, with the top three projects / students invited to a mentoring opportunity from one of the leading StartUps from Stone & Chalk's community of businesses.

“A collaboration between all stakeholders that continues the development and empowerment of innovative, mindsets beyond the classroom, for the betterment of Australia.”

2024 NSW Registration 



Registration will open in November, allowing teachers to register three of their students who are undertaking a Major Design Project.


Teachers may want to discuss the UpRising program with your senior design students and ask the class to write a draft of a post as practice, as a maximum of 3 students per school are allowed for the first opening round.


Teachers, students and their parents / guardians then complete registration via the iTE portal. Once registration is completed, students will then be given access to UpRising share platform where they will create their Post. All students posts need to be ready to be published 

Posts will Go Live at the beginning of Feb 2024

The Benefits


Joining the 2024 UpRising is very simple. ​There is no extra work for the student or teacher, in fact it is designed to reduce teacher workload.

  • Students need to develop their major projects by getting community feedback, so why not reach lots of interesting businesses and organisations by posting your design concept and create opportunities for you.  

  • UpRising provides real life connections & experiences for students during their design journey, receiving recognition and industry support during their final high school year.


  • This support is organic and delivered in an open forum, making it easy and safe for all students to access information and collaborate with the design & tech industry.

  • Business and industry can connect with students, targeting their support by focusing on particular projects that best match the skills and experiences that they see are most important helping to develop their talent pipe lines.

  • It allows business & industry the opportunity to shape education and develop the future workforce capabilities.

UpRising Awards


Outstanding projects will be recognized at the UpRising Awards. See last year's winners click here.  ​

Award winners will be announced during UpRising's annual event.  


Students who have participated in UpRising are invited to join the UpRising Alumni and to participate in the jury panel for the following year UpRising Awards.

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