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Highlights Reel

How UpRising accelerates young designers 

An impossible idea with professional finishes!
Done, through the power of connections


Shark attacks are an issue worldwide, meaning there is a genuine need for shark-repellent products. My design incorporates shark-repellent technology into commonly used products. My products consist of a shark-repellent wetsuit, surfboard, and attachable device (all of which are harmless to sharks). These products are the first of their kind as they incorporate multiple protection points, thus creating a larger area of protection. This technology is invisible and will therefore not interfere with the user’s performance. My products require intensive research and testing, I'm looking for help, feedback, and advice from specialists on how to further develop my products.


What starts out as a little drawing with a big idea.


My project proposes to design an automated health care robot for individuals who may be physically impaired, elderly, or injured that will remove the need for constant monitoring by healthcare/ aged care workers and allow users independence in taking care of themselves. Please view for more information about the Need and Solution:


I was the recipient of the 2022 UpRising Peoples Choice Award and wanted to share some great news with you.

My Design and Technology Major Work, MediBot has actually been selected to be a part of the SHAPE 2022 Exhibition. 
𝗦𝗛𝗔𝗣𝗘 is an annual exhibition featuring a selection of students' exemplary Major Projects developed by HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology, and Textiles and Design students.  The project will be on display at Powerhouse Museum, Ultimo, Sydney from 3rd March 2023.

I wanted to say thank you for the support and the seed funding that helped create this major project.

Bronti & Bonds


Women's sport went professional more than 40 years ago and yet it is still heavily unfunded and supported. At the same tie female players are much more vulnerable to injury due to the lack of available and suitable protective equipment, a direct result of the gender bias built into available products.


That's until a young design student from Brigidine College Randwick came along. Bronti Westaway was fed up with using her brother's hand-me-down tackle vests and decided to design her own for her HSC major design project. 


She focused her product on creating a solution that would reduce the risk of breast injuries whilst simultaneously unlocking a key barrier to participation in women's contact sports here in Australia, safety.


Bronti’s post on UpRising caught the attention of a major Australian clothing and apparel company, Bonds. The company was able to find out more about her project through the UpRising initiative. Through the trust and belief that Bonds held in the wisdom, that valuable ideas can come from anywhere (and not limited to the established), gave this high school student the chance to negotiate a consultancy contract with the company to co-design and manufacture her product, together.

Watch out for the product release later this year as they break the #bias together.

Bronti & Bonds1.JPG

Saving wild life with the help of big industry


I have identified that there is an enormous need for a product that provides information and supplies for animal rescue. Currently, the number of animals that require rescue outweighs the capacity of organisations like Wires and they do not currently have a 'supply box' for rescues prompting unsafe practices which puts humans and animals at risk. My product (RAMA) would include a website,


information booklet, roadside assistance station and portable kit, which would give members of the public the information and resources necessary to safely transport injured animals to wildlife care services

Check out my finished design here! -->

Black lab.JPG

Design & Technology students, in completing their Major Design Projects, are developing particular skills that aren’t learnt within any other line of study and are highly regarded by all sorts of employers, well beyond just design and manufacturing companies. 


Wanting to assist beyond just consultation, we decided to offer a ‘design and manufacturing’ experience to students whose projects had particularly stood out to us and were aligned with the types of projects we typically deliver.

Yesterday the two students spent the day at Black Lab Design, to give them a unique insight into our operations and processes. It could be described as a mini-internship.

Learn more

From a sketch to some big connections to the circle economy, sustainable takeaway packaging, takes out big award!  


Every year NSW generates 8000 tonnes of plastic take away waste. Every year we waste around 7.6 million tonnes of food across the supply and consumption chain in Australia. Every year no states or territories across Australia has taken action.


I am designing biodegradable takeaway packaging made from fruit and vegetable skins to help solve the amount of fruit waste and packaging waste in landfills. I seek assistance from industry professionals to help source a pressure heat mould and different moulding techniques? 


WINNER Under 19 Category 2022

Sophie Hammann

Biodegradable takeaway packaging made from waste fruit skins.

Every year NSW generates 8000 tonnes of plastic take away waste. Every year we waste around 7.6 million tonnes of food across the supply and consumption chain in Australia. Most of this ends up in landfill.

Through this project, completed as part of her Year 12 Design and Technology studies, Sophie out to develop a solution that reduced both these numbers.

Looking beyond existing biodegradable options and inspired the concept of circularity, where there is no waste because all materials have a value, her project looked to utilise the large amounts of organic waste as part of the solution.

The result is a biodegradable takeaway packaging made from waste orange skins, and includes a bioplastic lining made from gelatine, glycerine and starch to make it waterproof and reduce the risk of contamination.

"This is such an amazing program and initiative. It is great to see so many positive results in your testing phase and perfect timing with all of the plastic bans coming in to place. It would be great to see you start to think more about how this will operate at a significant scale".

– Lottie Dalziel, Founder of Banish

Find out more about the Circle Awards

Recipients of the 2022 UpRising Designers Awards

Good design awards 2022.JPG
Top 3 projects 2022.JPG
GDA UpRising.jpg

An amazing evening and an incredible opportunity for the winning 2022 UpRising young designers to brush shoulders with some of the world's best in the stadium of big ideas.

Congratulations Emily, Georgia and Niamh on your outstanding projects and a huge thank you going out to your teachers that helped you get to the event.  

Thank you so much Good Design Australia for helping to nurture the grassroots of innovation.

Congratulations to all the design students involved in this years UpRising, your courage to put yourself out there and your willingness to share helps everyone do the same.  


UpRising, beyond gender, beyond sector.

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