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Case studies 

The best way to grow a society is to work collaboratively. There are many great ways to collaborate and here at UpRising we aim to make it as easy as possible for all design students to build connections with businesses and industry who are working in sustainable ways. One of the most amazing emerging industries is the circle economy. It's all about how design can be a system for positive change, one that replaces 'Take, Make, Waste' with ' Recover Make Use Reuse'

Imagine your MDP incorporates a material made from reclaimed plastic car waste, (BoxHead Plastics) that goes into making your product which assists in the Koala habitat restoration program, in conjunction with Fungi Solutions, for example.  See the examples below of successful businesses working within the circle economy and using system thinking to create powerful positive change for so many people and places.



build the circle.PNG

System thinking businesses. 

Find out more about how companies use the circle economy to help reduce their environmental impacts and make their business grow

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