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Notice Board

Welcome to UpRising’s Notice Board. An opportunity for businesses and organisations to collaborate directly with young designer students. 


Are you a company looking for a fresh approach to a business problem you might have? Are you after an insight into a demographic or wanting to see the world from a different perspective? 


Post your business problem or design brief and HSC design students can apply to collaborate with you. Businesses can opt to work with a number of design students or select one applicant to work exclusively with. 


Design students, click on one of the Notifications below and check out the opportunities for you.


Connect with the company and find out how you can best work together to solve the problem. The best thing about this is that you could turn this into your major design project (MDP).  Imagine writing up a design brief together and collaborating with a company or even turning this into a career pathway!

9 Jan 2022

BoxHead Plastics

Boxhead Plastics - looking to partner with young designers

BoxHead Plastics



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