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BoxHead Plastics

Bec Healy CEO of BoxHead Plastics

9 Jan 2022

Boxhead Plastics - looking to partner with young designers

Boxhead Plastics is an Australian owned not-for-profit Social Enterprise. We exist to support the automotive industry divert more of its plastic waste from landfill. We have pioneered an innovative process that successfully repurposes polypropylene car bumper bars into golf tees from Australia’s growing pile of automotive plastic waste.

Boxhead Plastics vision is to employ those in our local community with a significant life barrier. The aim is to create a stable and rewarding workplace and offer opportunities for education and training in the plastic manufacturing industry

We are now looking to start design work on our next products. We are open to design and product ideas for smaller products and it does not have to be a new innovative idea it could be something that already exists on the market but may be an imported item that we could make here in Australia out of our recycled plastics . We are looking to work with design and technology people to help us draw up this product. We would then manufacture a sample set and engage a tester to certify our product for commercial sale.

Whilst we have come up with a product we have not started our R&D work as yet. Therefore we would be open to other product ideas that can be manufactured from the plastic car bumper bars. Our ask is that it is a medium to large product so we can divert more plastic waste from landfill.

If you are a Design student who would like to collaborate with us then shoot me an email, introducing yourself and your goals. Tell me also your top 10 ideas on products that we could make together out of plastic car waste and we can go from there. Email me -

Thank you
Founder of Boxhead Plastics

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